Will Virtual Reality (VR) Ever Take Off?

The idea of virtual reality isn’t a new concept. For years, this is a technology that has fascinated everyone from novelists to game makers to movie directors. The promise of virtual reality has always brought with it images of experiencing digital environments indistinguishable from real life, and we would be able to experience this reality from our living rooms. While creators have been innovating this technology for years, it isn’t until recently that this became accessible by your average person. Now, that we’re able to use this technology, the question remains if VR will be as enduring as we believed.

With the introduction of the equipment, there’s also a level of apathy that develops over time as new technology becomes not-so-new. In this technological age, we’re often on to the next and better thing if a new device doesn’t hold our attention—which can be admittedly short with so many new, shiny things to catch our eye. Virtual reality up to this point had been something unobtainable for most of us, and for this reason, it continued to fascinate us as technology advanced. Believers knew it would only be a matter of time, but many didn’t realize how easily distracted we’d be as a people once the technology arrived.

Anyone with a smartphone has access to virtual reality, but the best equipment is still a bit pricier than many early adopters are willing to invest. With no guarantee that the experience will be enjoyable without actually owning a device, investing in costly equipment can feel a bit hazardous at this time. In addition, there aren’t many game or apps that take full advantage of this new frontier, making it seem even wiser to wait and see how VR develops of the years. This could ultimately cause interest to peter and die causing virtual reality to become just another fad.

However, if companies bring the prices down on the top-tier equipment and introduce more quality games and apps, the technology could definitely become a staple in every home.

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