Flo Box Security Measures.

Every time Squirrel or Alexia (or some other animal) try to enter or exit the house the Flo Control box takes a snapshot of whoever it is. This snapshot is immediately uploaded to this site and placed on Today’s Events page. Above the picture of each event there is a caption describing how the image recognition algorithm interpreted the picture. There are four possibilities: ‘Exit’, ‘Squirrel (or Alexia) allowed’ and ‘Entry not allowed’. It marks it as ‘xxxx allowed’ and unlatches the cat door if the snapshot matches the standard pictures of Squirrel or Alexia. The number in parenthesis indicates how well it matched. The latch opens if this number is 40 or more (more details here). You might see something like the image below:


Squirrel allowed (64)

Horizontal lines indicate the exact time of the event. Pictures appear in different columns simply to avoid overlap; the column number has no meaning.

Image Trace Pet Door.

Installing a Flo box on your pet door isn’t just useful for letting your pet in or out of the house. It can also add more security. How many times have you found a raccoon scavenging for food remains in your trash can? There are some reports that they’ve even entered a house and done a massive amount of damage to the interior. If you could somehow limit only your cat to exit and enter whenever it pleases, it would contribute a lot to the safety of your home and family. So, being that you don’t want a wild animal or any sort entering your house through a pet door why not secure it. Flo box is easily attached to the small opening in your door. It’s equipped with image tracing technology that scans the shape of the object in front of it.

Provided that you have the right software installed, you could change the security setting on it, allowing any breed of dog to enter you home through your pet door as well. Being that there are more dog types than cat types, having the right software for your Flo Control box is essential. You wouldn’t want to betray your dog’s thrust by installing the wrong software that doesn’t allow it to enter once it’s out.

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