New Era Technology.

Great news for all of you who inquired over the years about when the Flo Control box will be available for sale. Microprocessor performance improved so much recently that we can now build the Flo Control system without using a real desktop computer. It will be a fully self-contained device, looking like a regular cat door with a small box attached on the outside. While we are working out all the details, if you are interested you can drop us an email. We’ll notify you when the device will become available (we do not sell or otherwise provide email addresses to any third parties).

Curiously, it turned out that some of the image recognition ideas used here found application in 3D rendering. The resulting 3D technology is currently featured in the software application called Groboto. It delivers fast rendering at the ultimate quality.

Now you can observe in real time as the Flo Control Box is being tested by our two new cats, Squirrel and Alexia. They go in and out as they please and all their activities are immediately published on the Web. Our image recognition algorithm can determine which of the two cats is entering. It labels the snapshots ‘Squirrel’ or ‘Alexia’ accordingly.

Mobile Cat Watch.

Our cat-recognition software now creates pages for WAP (wireless application protocol) browsers. If your cell phone has a color screen and a browser, you can check what Squirrel and Alexia are up to at On this page there is a link to the last cat recognition event, with the picture of the cat’s profile (the picture shows up in 15-20 seconds). That page has a link to the previous cat recognition event and so on. There are usually 10-15 events per day.

This application is gold for people like us who like to know the whereabouts of our cat in real time even when we are not home. We like to know that our cat is safe and also that it does not bring a mouse home to play with all night long. This special mobile application let us know exactly where he is while we are having a good meal at an expensive restaurant. But if the price of gold continues to go down, we may not be able to afford it too often.

Go Pro For Your Pet.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could check where your pet is anytime you let it out of the house? With recent progress image recognition technology, you might just do that. Not only that you would be able to control what your cat brings to your home, but you could also find out more about their everyday whereabouts as well. Think of it as an enhanced bracelet for your pet or a collar that would allow you to see the image from your cat’s point of view. By installing this device, or attaching it to the collar of your cat, you could check with your phone at any time where she is. You cat will certainly come back to enjoy the warmth of your home once it’s done with outdoor adventures. But by checking on her every once in a while, you may decide not to let her out any more or control her path somehow. For example, if your cat comes back home with scars indicating that she was in a fight, it might be wise to know where she is spending her outdoor hours. And with this technology you can find out by checking the images recollected from her “Go Pro” collar.

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