Flo Watch

Every time Squirrel or Alexia (or some other animal) try to enter or exit the house the Flo Control box takes a snapshot of whoever it is. This snapshot is immediately uploaded to this site and placed on Today's Events page. Above the picture of each event there is a caption describing how the image recognition algorithm interpreted the picture. There are four possibilities: 'Exit', 'Squirrel (or Alexia) allowed' and 'Entry not allowed'. It marks it as 'xxxx allowed' and unlatches the cat door if the snapshot matches the standard pictures of Squirrel or Alexia. The number in parenthesis indicates how well it matched. The latch opens if this number is 40 or more (more details here). You might see something like the image below:


Squirrel allowed (64)

Horizontal lines indicate the exact time of the event. Pictures appear in different columns simply to avoid overlap, the column number has no meaning.

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Note: you need versions 4.0 or higher of the two popular Web browsers to view the automatically generated timeline pages.